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If you are planning to create a new enterprise, or want to improve the level of automation in your existing one, launch new production lines, conveyors or automate a warehouse - Motion Technology will become your reliable partner.


If you need the highest quality conveyor belts, V-belts or timing belts, pulleys, chains, power cables or cable ducts - i.e. spare parts without which conveyors and production lines do not work - Motion Technology will solve your problems.


We are always ready to provide you with qualified technical support and advise on the solution that will be the most optimal for your company both financially and technically.


August, 2023

A conveyor transports various packed products in the warehouse.


A modular belt with small cleats is used for the elevator in order to deter slippage of the products on a downward slope, the connecting conveyor uses a PVC belt with smooth surface, so that if goods reach the end of the conveyor it won't rip the packages.


The conveyor body is made of construction steel and painted with anti-corrosive paint.

January, 2023

A conveyor transports the biscuits from the spiral cooling conveyor to the inspection table.


A modular belt with special inserts is used for the conveyor, which does not allow the biscuits to slide on the conveyor when they are transported from top to bottom.


The conveyor body is made of galvanized steel.

September, 2022

The stem and stalk outtake L-type conveyor is designed for small wineries and its function is to load the produce onto vehicles or trailers.


The elevator is equipped with wheels with breaks, which allows it to be moved if necessary.


Modular belt is used for the elevator. The elevator body is made of structural steel painted with a special paint.

September, 2022

The client's request was for us to design a stem and stalk delivery system that could not only load produce from the presses onto trucks, but also deliver it in the opposite direction and into the building for loading it into the press.


To solve this problem, we designed a reversable movement conveyor that can supply produce in both directions, an L-type elevator to load the produce on the machine, a Z-type vertical elevator to feed the produce to a horizontal conveyor that will put the produce into the pressing machine.


Modular belts were used for conveyors. The body of the conveyors is made of structural steel painted with a special paint.

August, 2022

Presented here is the stem and stalk transporting conveyor system: a 12-meter horizontal conveyor feeding the produce to an 8.75-meter inclined conveyor. After that, the produce is loaded onto trucks.


Modular belts are used for conveyors. The body of the conveyors is made of stainless steel.

August, 2022

Shown here is a stems and stalk outtake conveyor system: A 17-meter L-type conveyor, which transports pressed stems and stalks from presses to 7.5-meter horizontal conveyor. After that, stems and stalks are loaded onto trucks.


Modular belts are used for conveyors. The body of the conveyors is made out of structural steel painted with a special anti-corrosive paint.

July, 2022

The task was to modernize the already existing German bottle accumulating conveyor and double the length of the collecting section.


The task was successfully completed.


A modular plate belt is used for the conveyor. The conveyor body is made of stainless steel.

September, 2021

These two 12-meter conveyors, made by us, will transfer grape oilcake from the pressing machine to the gathering bunker, from where the oilcake will be loaded onto trucks.


Modular belts, which were used in these conveyors, are more repairable and easier to operate than PVC belts, which we have been using before now for conveyors of this type.

September, 2021

L-type conveyor, the function of which is to transport and load grape oilcake and main stalk of a bunch of grapes onto trucks, were made and launched at yet another winery in Kakheti, east Georgia.


Modular belt, which we used in this case, simplifies the maintenance of the equipment, and the wheels with which we have equipped the conveyor will allow the client to roll the equipment inside the factory building after the end of the season and store it there until the next year.

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September, 2020

In the previous video, we showed you a test run for these conveyors. Now we can see them in action.


Their full length is 25.5 meters, their goal - Transportation of stalks and pressed grapes (AKA Cake) from press to trucks.

September, 2020

On September 3rd, 2020, we had a testing run for 3 conveyors of our own manufacture.

Their total length is 25.5 meters and they are tasked with transporting, elevating, and loading processed grape skins, pips, and stalks onto trucks.

The pieces of cardboard that we used for the test run, to make sure the conveyors work as intended, look a little funny of course, but in just a short time vintage will start and our product will finally be able to fulfill its intended purpose.

The conveyors were made for one of the wineries in the Kakheti Region.

Let’s wish our partners success!